Department of Computer Engineering at Shahid Chamran University is a growing and dynamic department offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in computer engineering. This department was created as part of Statistics and Computer Department which has more than a quarter of century years old in Shahid Chamran University.
At the beginning, the students of this department were graduated in a field named Applications of Computer in Statistics. In 1998, however, an independent Computer Engineering department was established. Two years later, this department becomes as part of Engineering Faculty of Shahid Chamran University. During these years, this new established department developed rapidly. Dr. Alireza Osareh has been head of this department since 2004. In 2007, the first group of MS.c students was admitted to the department that greatly enhanced the research capabilities of the department. At present, Computer Engineering department consists of 10 faculty members, 15 postgraduate students (MS.c) in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and approximately 300 undergraduate students (BS.c) in Software Engineering.

The department operates a number of different laboratories with a variety of equipment. These include educational laboratories in computer software and hardware such as computer architecture, operating systems, databases, networks and graphics as well as individual research laboratories and groups.


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